Program Details
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Personal Details
If you identify as a member of one or more of the following groups we invite you to share this information with us:

We are keen to support cultural needs to assist you to participate in the Encore program. Please contact our office to talk about how we may help 02 9285 6264

We are committed to meeting disability or other support needs to assist you to participate in the Encore program. Please tick any of the following boxes if applicable. You will be contacted for more information prior to the course.
Emergency contact
Please define how your are related to your emergency contact, ie, sister, brother, friend.

I wish to enrol in the YWCA Encore program facilitated by YWCA Australia. In doing so, I waive all and any claim, right or course of action against the YWCA of Australia, its officers and servants for any accident, or illness, which occurs during participation in the YWCA Encore program.

I further authorise the said officers or servants of YWCA Australia to administer first aid and/or procure medical assistance, as they may determine necessary, in the event of any illness or accident that may occur whilst attending the YWCA Encore program, and agree to meet any expenses incurred therein.