• Congratulations on your coordination of a much needed and highly successful Encore program. The Encore program at the Fleurieu Aquatic Centre at Victor Harbor has been key in helping me move forward positively in my breast cancer journey.

    The two instructors Amy and Carol are an inspiration. They are kind and caring, so professional and hardworking; they make us laugh, are supportive and encourage us each week. They have involved us in working out what guest speakers we might like in the following term and stayed true to their word and delivered really impactful and inciteful speakers who have informed me more than any of my doctors or specialists have done over the year.

    The women whom I have met in this Encore group have become my friends and confidantes, but it was Amy and Carol who set the tone and values for this group to be so trusting of each other, allowing us time and space to say what we might need to get off our chest (no pun intended) or listen with compassion to others.

    Because of this group, I have been put in touch with a lymphoedema massage therapist and a lymphoedema nurse who has fitted me for a garment. They have all encouraged me to pursue my efforts with my GP to get a Chronic Disease plan which has led to a small group of us planning some strength exercises with a local physio (guest speaker and breast cancer aware) in the future. I have joined the local Cancer Support group who are at this moment putting together a very visible pink event for our area. I don't know where I'd be without these women.

    Once again – thank you so much for helping me navigate the scariest journey of my life with confidence & friendship.

          Jan, Fleurieu Peninsula SA


  • This program has really helped me a lot. On the outside, I might look fit and healthy but I do have issues with mobility and other areas where cancer surgery and treatment have affected me so. Since joining and completing the 8 sessions with Susane and Louise, I feel that it made a huge difference in my life. I'm a little toner in the arms and legs, my mood has lifted, and my pain somewhat under control. The fellowship with the ladies is just what this cancer survivor needs, a reminder that even though our circumstances may be different, I'm not going through this alone. That's what separates this program from all the other regular fitness classes - knowing that it's a safe place and that there are no judgments passed on. It also caters to all physical abilities and limitations and it does push me to get some exercise and move a little more. So I do appreciate everyone who is involved in providing this service.

    Leila, Noarlunga SA


  • Attending the Encore program made me positive in mind and body. During the chemotherapy treatment, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I had three falls. The Oncologist referred me to Encore.

    It has been a huge bonus to attend Encore.The lethargy I was suffering post cancer has changed to having energy.I am a widow living alone and needed energy to perform everyday tasks.These include vacuuming, gardening shopping etc. I am much more positive in everything I do. The Encore group were a pleasure to meet and never missed one class. Please keep them going in the future. Thank you!  
         HC, Gosford NSW


  • I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude for such an amazing program. I've really enjoyed being in the company of the other women as I live quite a solo lifestyle. I didn't think I would enjoy it, but in spite of myself, I did enjoy it very much.These ladies do an absolutely fabulous job. I have so much pain from the side effects of the cancer drugs/hormone therapy that I'm taking, that I can barely get out of bed in the morning. It was so lovely to be able to move freely in the pool. Keep up the great work. I promise I will work hard at getting my health and wellness back. Breast cancer survivor and now thriver! 

         VW, Riverton WA


  • Thank you so much. The encore program is having such a positive effect on body, my whole body, my limbs are so much more flexible, my arm which was effected after my last surgery, has a lot more strength, breathing has improved, and so much more. A beneficial and needed program which has helped me physically and mentally.

    Pamela, Hayborough SA


  • The Encore program has helped me in so many ways. It has allowed me to gain more flexibility and mobility in terms of movement (especially my arm which has lymphedema). My balance has been enhanced and I am able to undertake additional exercise. Encore allowed me to meet others in a similar or same situation as myself which was also a benefit as it allows you to ask questions and get encouragement from those in the same situation. The facilitators and presenters were well prepared, friendly and supportive. Everyone created an atmosphere that encouraged participation and they always  ensured we were moving correctly. They encouraged feedback at all times and gave us an opportunity to ask questions and raise any issues (none raised). The Encore program is one I highly recommend to anyone who is going through breast cancer.

        JC, Wanneroo WA & Online Programs


  • Encore for me was the lifeline I needed to just be myself with my cancer. Meeting weekly with other women who knew what I was going through was an awesome opportunity to be myself. You could talk about different milestones without judgement or having to over-explain. These girls just get it. It was a chance to laugh or cry without feeling sorry for yourself. All of us are so different and our stories unique, and it was very eye opening for me, very humbling, to hear these women's journeys.

    In hindsight, I was not in the best head space during my first round of Encore. I was unsure of myself and my place with these women who were so different to me. I loved the exercises and rediscovered my love of the water, so bravely decided to do another round of Encore.

    The second time around was just amazing. It was the connection and two-hour pass to selfcare that my health required. I realised that our Facilitator, Carolyn, really just cared about us all. She was genuinely interested in our well-being. I really felt that I was able to contribute to the group dynamic, mostly through humour, but I was a lot more connected the second time around. I generally don't sleep well but I always get a good night's sleep after Encore! 

    To all the people that make this program possible - thank you. Encore has been a very big part of my recovery. 

         JM, Gosford NSW