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Your company or business can make a difference.

Corporate or business partnerships and sponsorship help us in our important work supporting women who have experienced breast cancer.


How can my company/business contribute?

There are many ways you can contribute to the work of ywca encore, such as through donations, sponsorship or pro-bono work.


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ywca encore invites you to find out more about us, and talk with us about how your company or business can contribute to our important work.

To find out more, please contact the Executive Director of YWCA Australia, Caroline Lambert, on 02 6230 5150 or

Yoga For Women After Breast Cancer DVD

An integrated yoga practice hs been shown to be beneficial to women who have had treatment for Breast Cancer. This DVD produced by Annete Louden consists of two 1 hour lessons incorporating breathing techniques, postures and relaxation and concludes with a candle meditation. Variations of postures are incldued to cater for women with alltypes of health issues including lymphoedema. 

Cost: $25

To purchase please email your request to 


In the past 30 years approximately 10,000 women around Australia have completed the ywca encore program.

History of YWCA Encore


ywca encore was originally developed in the USA in the 1970s by a ballet teacher who had experienced breast cancer and saw the need to help other women with similar experiences to rebuild their physical and emotional strength. The program was set up and expanded through YWCA USA.

ywca encore came to Australia in 1983 and 2013 sees ywca encore celebrate 30 years in Australia. The ywca encore program also operates in New Zealand, Canada and Japan.






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Help us with this important work. Your support can help make a difference to the lives of women who have experienced breast cancer.

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